MSc in Computer Science

Applicants with a 1st-degree engineering diploma in the field of Computer Science and other related technical fields of study, e.g., Automation and Robotics, Mechanics and Machine Construction, Management and Production Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transport, may apply for admission to the studies.

Study programme: MSc in Computer Science
Specialization: Software development techniques / Cybersecurity
Level of qualification / Professional Title: Master of Science in Engineering
Access to further studies: PhD’s study programmes
Mode of study: full time and part-time

Full-time (daily) programmes are held from Monday till Friday all day long.
Part-time (weekend) programmes are held from Friday till Sunday
Number of semesters (for full-time and part-time studies): 3
Number of ECTS credits required to complete studies: 91
Begin: February 2021 (full-time), October 2021 (part-time)
Semester Tuition Fee: 900 EUR
Deadlines: The application for summer semester of academic year 2020/2021 starts on 1st of February 2021.

In the field of Computer Science, the study programme provides for education in the discipline of science Technical Information Technology and Telecommunications. The programme offers one of two specializations:

Software development techniques

The graduate of this specialization has the knowledge and skills in creating solutions for IT and mobile systems, as well as engineering their security, parallel and distributed computation methods, modelling languages and IT project management. The graduate is able to design and create internet applications (web, for mobile and cloud platforms) and knows the techniques of administering it. Is able to manage and create / modify databases, knows and applies the latest technologies and IT solutions in the company’s day-to-day operations. The preparation of a graduate of this specialty allows his smooth entry into the realities of companies involved in the design and implementation modern IT systems. In addition, graduates of this specialization can take up work as both analysts and designers of information systems and their components – specialist equipment, software and information elements, programmers, as well as implementers in teams producing software belonging to a wide class: real time systems, databases, internet applications and mobile. They can also run their own computer company providing IT and consulting services.


As part of the specialty, the graduate obtains education in the field of teletransmission security, telecommunications and computer networks. The graduate acquires skills related to various forms of programming for the Internet and designing secure information systems. The knowledge of the future engineer will be supplemented with issues related to the security of ICT. As part of distributed systems, they will receive the knowledge necessary to design and program communication systems using internet technologies. The graduate of this specialty can work in companies producing telecommunications equipment, at telecommunications and ICT networks operators, as well as in various types of companies dealing with design, software and implementation of modern internet technologies.


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